T27-Music Series Two-Wire Surveillance Kit
  • T27-Music Series Two-Wire Surveillance Kit

T27-Music Series Two-Wire Surveillance Kit

Model: T27
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With T27 Series Two-Wire Surveillance Kit, you will be able to enjoy music when using two way radio. Simply plug to your iPod, MP3 player, or smartphone audio jack, then you can listen to your personal albums anywhere. When radio transmission coming, T27 will automatically switch transmission from music to radio signal. So you won't miss any communication. After that, you can either press the PTT button once to bring back your music or waiting for 30 seconds for T27 automatically switch back to music mode. However, music won't be paused during radio communication, and you also cannot use PTT or any other button to control your iPod, MP3 player or smartphone. That means you have to use the button or touch screen on your music device to control music volume, play, pause, backward and forward. Although T27 can be plugged to your smartphone including iPhone to play music , you won't be able to use T27 surveillance kit as a headphone to answer your phone call. 

T27 Surveillance Kit is designed for listening to music ONLY. If you mainly use a smartphone instead of a two way radio as your communication device, and also want to stay professional looking, please choose our Smart Surveillance Kit™ instead of T27 Series. The Smart Surveillance Kit™ will allow you to be able to fully control your smartphone.

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