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Astra Radio Communications (ARC) is a leading U.S. based manufacturer of two-way radio communication accessories. ARC has been a leading pioneer in the design and development of innovative solutions for law enforcement and military agencies.

More than 300 government agencies in the largest cities and counties of the U.S. have chosen ARC products to improve their radio communications. 


​​ARC’s unequaled standards with respect to sound quality, durability, and functionality governs our R&D department in the development of creative and innovative new products that exceed our customer’s unique set of circumstances.


Through collaborative efforts, we have worked with the most respected brands in the world in order to utilize the finest components available. This empowers us to consistently deliver the absolute best-in-class quality and performance to you and your personnel. An ongoing commitment to innovation and quality, combined with our R&D resources, will provide you a source for the most complete solutions available today.​

ARC’s Research & Development team is always focus on creating products that enable radio communications in completely new ways. Recently​, ARC has been awarded 3 patents, and has 2 patents pending on five unique new products.


ARC’s product capabilities range from unmatched noise-canceling technology, water protection for a variety of IP ratings, as well as an established history in pioneering the development of undercover communication accessories. ARC can take a particular problem, idea or concept on your part and use that to develop a working prototype in a matter of days. Aside from rapid prototype creation, current products can be customized and developed to meet a specific set of guidelines. Our manufacturing and development facilities in the U.S. are at your disposal to collectively design future two-way radio communication accessories.


ARC designs and manufactures in the USA. Our R&D team can take a concept for a new microphone accessory and develop a working prototype in days.

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